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Bar and Bat Mitzvah Books for Children
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The Bat Mitzvah Club: Debbie's Story

By Jane Shayna Meiseles
Debbie Solomon, eleven year old adult, champion swimmer, math-class misfit and reluctant big sister is struggling to keep her balance. Without asking her, Debbie's mother enrolls her in a Bat-Mitzvah Club. Her circle of supportive friends at Chicago Hebrew Acadamy would help all go smoothly if not for her best friend Leah, whose wit and wild schemes threaten to get them both into serious trouble. If Debbie's life wasn't overwhelming enough, a school project leads Debbie to startling discoveries. With Debbie's Bat Mitzvah approaching, she is in for a very big suprise!

Debbie is your typical pre teen, heavily involved in school, friends, and the swim team. She, like all of the other girls in her class, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming year of Bat Mitzvah parties, presents and fun. While Debbie, is busy searching for the perfect dress, her parents sign her up in a Bat-Mitzvah Club for some meaningful preparations. Debbie, at first reluctant to attend, transforms her initiation into Jewish adulthood into an experience which would impact the rest of her life.

Created by Estie Frimmerman, founder of the International Bat-Mitzvah Club and written by Shayna Meisels, who is keenly in touch with the tumultuous world of the modern, budding adolescent, this fast-paced, dramatic novel will captivate young readers while teaching them many basic lessons about G-d, Judaism and the important new role which they will be assuming.

Young readers, reading this book alone or as part of a curriculum, are challenged to re-explore old, previously held concepts, from a fresh perspective, centered on a teenagersí most passionate interest - themselves.

Description from Publisher

Earth to Andrew O. Blechman

By Jane Breskin Zalben
Zalben's latest novel concerns an aspiring fourth grade comedian whose hero is Henny Youngman. Andrew learned about Youngman from Mr. Pearlstein, an old vaudevillian who lives in the apartment upstairs. Andrew and Mr. Pearlstein make a deal: Mr. Pearlstein will teach Andrew all of his routines, and in return the boy will prepare Mr. Pearlstein for the Bar Mitzvah that the old man never had. Then Andrew learns that Mr. Pearlstein has asked his grandmother for a date--What if they get married?

Description from Publishers Weekly

This novel takes place in Manhattan and tells the story of a young boy who wants to be a comedian when he grows up. An old man who lives in apartment 5B of his brownstone is a comedian. He's supposedly the warm-up act for Henny Youngman, and he wants to be bar mitzvahed. They strike a deal: Andrew will give Mr. Pearlstein Hebrew lessons in exchange for Lou Pearlstein will give him his act from the old days and love of comedy. There are many subplots, but the love between these two characters becomes strengthened over time. As the author, I got to have lunch with Henny Youngman and he ultimately read the book in part at one of his luncheons at the Friar's Club. The book initially was inspired by my son who told Henny Youngman jokes when he was nine years old at the shiva after my father's funeral, not unlike Andrew Blechman. The book was placed on the Bank Street School's Best Books list the year after it came out as well as numerous lists for good Jewish novels.

Description by Author

A Gift of Prayer: The Spirituality of Jewish Women

By Women of Reform Judaism
What are the prayers that women pray, the meditations of their hearts? Women of Reform Judaism, The Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, has collected the writings of its members and of women rabbis to create this gift book of personal prayers, poetry, reflections and meditations for every occasion in a womanís life. A Gift of Prayer speaks to women of all faiths, celebrating lifeís joys and offering the comfort needed to endure the struggles and crises we all face.

In A Gift of Prayer, women share their hopes and doubts with us-and with God. They grope for understanding, rejoice at the birth of a grandchild, remember seeing a loved one for the last time, or say a blessing upon seeing a rainbow. Their writings are accompanied by the work of Jewish artists on the theme of prayer-prayer inspired by nature, by ritual or by awe of the Divine. The result is a gift of words and art for every woman.

Features thirty-eight prayers, poems and meditations accompanied by the artwork of many gifted contemporary artists.

The perfect gift for Bínot-Mitzvah

Description from Publisher
A Belfer Bar Mitzvah
A Belfer Bar Mitzvah
Bar Mitzvah (son of the commandment) and Bat Mitzvah (daughter of the commandment) mark the age when adult reason and responsibility begin. In this third book about her, Toby Belfer, a Jewish girl growing up in rural Louisiana, learns about the Bar Mitzvah ceremony through her older cousin Paul. Beginning with Toby's invitation to Paul's Bar Mitzvah and ending with the cutting of the challah and the traditional dance called the horah, the reader is led through the experience of this ancient ceremony. Now Toby is better prepared to begin her own studies for the Bat Mitzvah, changing perhaps only one thing pink instead of green balloons!

In this charming tale, as in the other Belfer stories, author Gloria Teles Pushker gives the appropriate Jewish terms and follows them with definitions so that Jews and non-Jews alike can gain a greater understanding of the traditions and rituals that make up the Jewish faith.

With All My Heart, With All My Mind :
Thirteen Stories About Growing Up Jewish
Benjy has nightmares about his upcoming Bar Mitzvah ceremony. Rachel's grief over Grandma Hannah's illness turns her away from her temple. Jaci wrestles with peer pressure by day and angels by night, and when Cain and Abel double-date... well, growing up has never been easy.

As these and nine other stories in With All My Heart, With All My Mind demonstrate, growing up Jewish adds its own twists and turns to the challenge. As we approach the end of the millennium, what does "growing up Jewish" mean? How can young people reconcile centuries of tradition with the modern world? Can they embrace their religion "with all my heart, with all my mind"?

Award-winning author and editor Sandy Asher posed these and other questions to thirteen Jewish writers: herself, Eve B. Feldman, Merrill Joan Gerber, Jacqueline Dembar Greene, Johanna Hurwitz, Eric A. Kimmel, Sonia Levitin, Carol Matas, Gloria D. Miklowitz, Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ruth Minsky Sender, Phyllis Shalant, and Jane Breskin Zalben. From the last days of Masada to the future colonization of the moon, these stories provide unique and personal insights. in the interviews following each story, the authors discuss their own experiences growing up Jewish. These are stories that will make you laugh, cry, think, and above all, help you to explore what it means to be a Jew.

A portion of the money generated from the sale of this book will be donated to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.

Description from Publisher

From this fine group, readers would expect skillful, rewarding work--and they get it.

Description from Horn Book
A Spiritual Journey
A Spiritual Journey : The Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Handbook
Bar Mitzvah Lessons
Bar Mitzvah Lessons
David's fear over his approaching bar mitzvah causes him to alienate five rabbis who try to help him, but something surprising happens when he is placed in the hands of the eccentric former teacher Reuven Weiss.

Oh, Frannie!
A Frannie Flotnick Adventure

By Karen Turkovitz
Oh Frannie! A Frannie Flotnick Adventure is an adventurous and delightful book just released by the Five Degrees Press. This fiction book is written in verse with lively color illustrations. The story centers on Frannie's experiences surrounding her older sister Maxine's bat matzvah. Frannie and her friends, Lindy Lou, Annie Annie, Dottie Dena, and Sarah Butterfly join in the adventure.

Description from Publisher

Shira's Summer
When the Gordons move to the suburbs, they find a whole neighborhood full of new faces and new experiences. Shira, who is almost bas mitzvah, has a hard time leaving her old friends behind, but soon realizes that living in the suburbs is a lot of fun, and making friends--especially who are different from the ones she has ever known--can be exciting and challenging. A delightful book for every teen.

Description from Publisher

Bar Mitzvah

By David Mamet
A beautiful gift book that unites the words of David Mamet, one of America's most respected playwrights, with stunning artwork by contemporary artist Donald Sultan.

Description from Publisher

Gabriel's Ark
Gabe is born disabled, and his loving Jewish family teaches and supports him. They miss him when he attends a special school during the week, but everyone looks forward to Shabbat, when they welcome him home for the weekend. Then Gabe turns 13; how will he celebrate his Bar Mitzvah? Like many stories about the disabled, this moving chapter book is told through the eyes of a sibling. Gabe's younger sister, Leah, loves her brother, even though she does get impatient with him sometimes, and she worries that he will mess up in public in the synagogue. His difficulties are never minimized, but with the help of his family and an extraordinary rabbi, Gabe says the Bar Mitzvah prayer his way, all by himself, and he is welcomed into the community. With humanity and hope, the story dramatizes the rabbi's message of acceptance, that "each of us is special in our own way, because we are all created in G-d's image."

Description from Booklist

The Time of Our Lives: A Teen Guide to the Jewish Life Cycle

By Nina Beth Cardin
Is it true that I was born for a reason? Am I really an adult when I become a bat mitzvah? How should I act around someone whose grandmother just died?

The Time of Our Lives is an unforgettable journey along the path of the Jewish life cycle, as your students have never traveled it before. While exploring how Jewish life cycle events help us mark and celebrate the milestones in our lives, young teens will consider how we each contribute to the modern evolution and enrichment of these celebrations.

Using teen-friendly narrative, thought-provoking questions and a dynamic, vibrant design, The Time of our Lives serves as a guidebook to the major milestones along the paths of the Jewish life cycle:
  • Historical vignettes and excerpts from sacred texts help students trace the origins of each celebration, while learning how it began and has evolved through the generations.
  • Real-life peer stories show how young teens play an active role in Jewish community celebrations.
  • Family interviews, interactive classroom experiences, and challenging questions encourage students to imagine how they can help develop new celebrations and further enrich our tradition.

Description from Publisher

Bar-Bat Mitzvah and Beyond

By Rabbi Nachman Cohen
A manual for young adults and their parents, reviewing pertinent halachos and hashkofos. An ideal gift for the bar mitzvah boy or the bat mitzvah girl.

Description from Publisher

Curse of the Sorcerer's Bones

By Avraham Shira
The modern day practice of making a Bar Mitzvah at The Western Wall in Jerusalem takes on new meaning when a mystical kabbalist arrives.

Description from Publisher
Back of Beyond
Back of Beyond : A Bar Mitzvah Journey
Sometimes you learn to appreciate what you have only when you are about to lose it. When 12 year old Danny sees a contest to win a trip to Australia, he works hard to develop the winning entry. Unfortunately, the vacation comes just before his Bar Mitzvah and at a time when his parents cannot go along. Accompanied by a chaperon and his older sister Rebeccah, he sets off on his dream trip. While there, he meets Muri, an Aborigine, and his life is never the same again.

Make Me a Hero

By Jerome Brooks
Make Me A Hero chronicles the struggle to survive of the forgotten generation: those too young to fight in World War II, but not old enough to have survived it unaffected by the detritus gathering in its wake.

Description from Publisher

I read Make Me A Hero, by Jerome Brooks. The main characters in the book were Jake Ackerman and Harry Katz. Jack is sort of a follower and Harry has his own personality. He is daring and confident in himself. The story took place in San Francisco. It was 1941, during the World War II days. The plot of the book is having Jake's brothers go off to the war and leave him at home with his family. During that time, Jake gets bossed around by the "gruesome threesome"-bullies. The conflict gets resolved by a little fighting, and eventually it sort of played itself out. The Bar Mitzvah gets postponed when Jake comes down with pneumonia. When he gets over it they have the Bar Mitzvah.

Description from Customer Review


By Jacob Neusner
An introduction to Jewish theology, emphasizing the concept of mitzvah, or commandment, and the meaning of the ceremony of bar or bat mitzvah.

A bar and bat mitzvah course from one of the most illustrious scholars of our time.

Description from Publisher

The Babysitters Club:
Abby's Lucky Thirteen

By Ann Matthews Martin
Abby and her twin sister, Anna, recently turned thirteen. They are preparing for their Bat Mitzvah, which is a big deal for the twins and their mother. And now, just when Abby should be acting like an adult, she is caught cheating on a math test and is suspended from school. Even though Abby didn't cheat, she refuses to tell what really happened. She even keeps the suspension a secret from her mother.

Description from Publisher Abby is the best BSCer Ann Martin has ever created! Abby is bright, funny, athletic and has a heart of gold. Her twin Anna is often ruled by her head, but Abby is often ruled by her heart. This story centers around the Bat Mitzvah, the Jewish ceremony for girls who are coming of age as Daughters of the Law. I loved the touching memories Abby includes of the father she lost at age 9; I loved the way her name is defined as "Abigail: Father's Love," which seemed very a propos. Abby lets her heart rule her in this installment. She is accused of cheating on a math test. She keeps quiet about who the real culprit is and keeps just as quiet about her suspension. Unfortunately, Abby is caught and has to explain why she was suspended. Fortunately, the real culprit is found out and has to own up to stealing those tests. The description of the Bat Mitzvah is touching and well done. This installment will appeal to all ages.

Description from Customer Review

Repairing My World: The Responsibilities of a Jewish Adult
(Student Scrapbook)

By Michelle Shapiro Abraham

Parent Booklet
and Leader's Guide Also Available
For Grade 7

  • Family education
  • Three-session family values curriculum
  • Includes leader's guide and workbooks for parents and students
  • User-friendly packet format is easy for teachers to work with
  • Introduces students and parents to ethics through the concept of tikkun middot-the repair of our moral life
  • Uses text study, stories, discussions, and activities

  • Teaches how to apply Jewish values to one's own life (tikkun middot), family life (tikkun bayit), and communal life (tikkun olam)
  • Enables parents and children to learn together at a critical point in children's Jewish education
  • Helps congregations prepare families for the significance of becoming bar/bat mitzvah
  • Based on the concept that the goal of tikkun is not perfection, but rather balancing the actions in our lives
  • During the program, families create a "scrapbook" that includes all of the work that they complete during the three sessions

Description from Publisher

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Education: A Sourcebook

By Helen Leneman
The findings of a 1991 survey of Jewish educators on the subject of Bar and Bat Mitzvah education provided the impetus for this massive work. Here are 50 chapters, contributed by some of the leading thinkers in Jewish education today, that address the concerns, problems, and practices of Directors of Education, Rabbis, Cantors, tutors, teachers, special education teachers, education committees, social workers, indeed, of all who work with B'nai Mitzvah students.

Description from Publisher

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